Faq & Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Question!

This will make it easier to use the payment gateway. We have connected our website to various payment gateways. Currently, We also have PerfectMoney, Skrill and Pioneer Cryptocurrency. We have connected PayPal Payment Gateway in order to accept PayPal payments.
We offer virtual cards and accounts for you to order. You will need to enter your email address or Gmail account. All information will be mailed to you Your virtual card or purchased account can be credited to your mail account.
Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We deliver our products very quickly. We have a duty to provide your account as soon as possible. You have successfully completed your order. It can take up to two hours, especially in the field.
Our virtual cards work just like any Visa or MasterCard prepaid card. It is a prepaid credit that can be used for any online merchant or website, as well as any store located on the internet. Any online service or store, short for anywhere that our virtual cards are available. You can use our virtual cards for Facebook, Google Checkout and PayPal. It can take up to two hours, especially in the field.
If your order isn’t delivered within the time frame you have specified, it will be returned. Please email us or call us on Skype. We’ll be there to help. We are usually open 24/7. You can reach us via our contact page to send an email.
Yes! However, not all accounts are eligible. We sell some accounts in version 2. Instant Account New Account. You can buy a new account by clicking here We can make it with all your personal data.

Refund Policy

Only cards you have not used can be returned for a refund. Refunds will not be issued for any other reason than the card was not used.

1. If we have not sent the card yet, but the payment is not received, you will receive a refund.

2. Refunds can only be requested within 3-7 days after receiving the card.

3. You cannot request a refund if the product/service was not delivered in good faith.

4. Refunds can only be made for one order, and not for all orders.

5. Preloaded cards are not eligible for the return policy. We offer a 50% refund in certain cases.

6. Only the amount paid will be refunded if the claim is valid. There is no processing fee.

7. You will be refunded after reviewing all details. Be patient.

8. The type of order determines the amount of refund.

9. Even if you made a mistake, you can’t resend a gift from your wallet to another person.

10. A withdrawal from your wallet cannot be reversed.

11. Refunds will be made to your account fund. We don’t accept payment methods that can be used to refund any amount.

12. The transaction fee or processing fee charged by the wallet will not be refunded.

If you don’t understand something, please do not hesitate to ask. We are always here to help. You should not dispute transactions without first contacting us. We value strong relationships with our customers. We do our best to avoid any miscommunication between clients and us. We are grateful for your support.
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